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The mission of Women Who Stack is to provide women with the ultimate resource for advice, training, tips, support, and inspiration on becoming an entrepreneur in a competitive world.

Hello!  My name is Julie Albanese.  I created Women Who Stack in April 2017 after spending over three years in commission-only jobs.  I was inspired by the Boss Babe Movement to create a website where I could share my experience, advice, skills, leadership and various techniques for women aspiring to take control of their life and their destiny.


When I began contributing to Women Who Stack with my first couple of blog articles in April 2017, my initial intention and desire was just to write, and to write whenever the time felt “right.”  But that was usually during my “slumps,” or periods of time where I was struggling to earn a decent living.

Now, two years later, I successfully run a 7 figure roofing company, and I now have the time and more passion than ever to really contribute to my blog articles.  What readers will notice first about my blog posts is that I am 100% candid about everything I write about.  If I love a product, I will recommend it.  If I dislike a product, or a service, you’ll know it.  In a world full of critics, I believe it is extremely crucial to be as genuine as possible. and that is what you’ll find here.

I love meeting new people and making new connections!  That is the key in becoming successful doing your own thing.  So if you have any questions for me, or comments, please feel free to ask!  Feel free to look me up on facebook and follow my public profile.

I love what I do! And I hope to help others love what they do, too.

Thanks for reading! xoxo – Julie.


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