5 Things Successful Women Entrepreneurs AVOID.

5 Things Successful Women Entrepreneurs Avoid

Why do truly successful women entrepreneurs always seem so cool, calm and collected? Why do they always seem so positive, genuinely happy and seem to always have their shit together? The answer to these questions is more obvious than some might think!  Sure, some women are just naturally chill, but most successful women entrepreneurs have a handful of characteristics in common, and one of those characteristics is that these kind of women actively choose to avoid the same 5 things in their daily lives.

#1: DRAMA.

There’s a virus lurking in every corner of the world-wide web. It festers in every social media platform and dates all the way back to MySpace days. You most likely see it nearly every single day on your Facebook feed, and it results in thoughts similar to, “Why in the hell did she post her entire breakup on her Facebook page?” Followed by various sighs and shaking your damn head. This virus is known as DRAMA.

Truly focused, determined and successful women do not have time for drama. When you spend your precious time on developing your brand and your business, your mind and emotions remain fixated only on positive thoughts and behaviors. There is no time or room for confrontation with people anywhere on the web, via text and phone calls, or any other platform that people try to start shit on. These successful women also have a clear understanding that everyone has complete control over their own life and how they react to every situation. When someone intentionally creates problems, like an insecure and jealous girl with trust issues who insists on blowing up your inbox because her boyfriend “liked” one of your photos (if you haven’t experienced this bullshit, consider yourself lucky), these successful women do not even acknowledge their ridiculous behavior. Your time and energy do not need to be wasted trying to comfort people who create their own storms then cry when it rains.


The number one precursor to drama is gossip. Talking about other people or their lives will never serve you, and it will more often than not lead to unnecessary drama in your life.

The truth is – people who spend their time and energy discussing other people and their lives just don’t have enough going on with their own lives. When you are 100% focused on your goals and dreams, your topics of conversation tend to be more intellectual and interesting. These women discuss ideas and tactics on how to get to where they’re going versus talking about who is dating who or what someone said about your friend. There are some people who have this undying desire to call you up and tell you the latest gossip about another girl, and successful women just don’t care. How could they when they spend the majority of their time building their empires?

Successful women entrepreneurs have a different mindset than most women, and they value their time. When you value your time, you do not waste it on frivolous things like gossip.



Every woman has been victimized by or even involved with cattiness at some point in their life. Smirks, stares, whispering, gossiping, pointing, snickering, glaring looks – all forms of pure cattiness that some women, for whatever reason, get sucked into.

Cattiness is very much present in the world of online business. It is usually done with passive aggressive comments on social media feeds, subliminal posts and memes on Facebook and Instagram, status updates, photos and even blogs.

Successful women entrepreneurs don’t mess with cattiness. Why would they? These women are secure enough with themselves that they remain focused on their own business. These women are also supportive and uplifting of other women, so they naturally portray a sense of kindness and authenticity towards other women. Not to mention – rooting for and complimenting another woman feels so incredibly good!


Authenticity is key when developing your brand or business, so successful women entrepreneurs do not waste a second of their time comparing themselves to anyone else. Falling into the trap of comparison is the quickest way to ruin your business as it leads to envy and feelings of jealousy, and scientifically those are feelings that are very tough to eliminate.

So many women make the mistake of letting comparison creep into their minds. It takes a very strong woman to get past the need to compare themselves to other women, and rightfully so. With everything the media throws in our faces, it is very easy to get sucked into a whirlwind of comparison and jealousy.

There is a trick to defeating the need to compare yourself though, and it is something you can accomplish with practice and consistency. The trick is to truly get to know yourself, and the best way to do so is by spending time alone. This means refraining from intimate relationship hopping and constantly surrounding yourself with people day in and day out. This gives you the opportunity to self-reflect and get in touch with your higher self. Getting in touch with your higher self means asking yourself how you truly feel about different situations and people, and then truly listening to your gut or intuition. This allows you to clearly define what your values are, what you want out of a relationship, what you’re passionate about and what you truly want out of life. The answers to all of these questions are what make someone unique.

Once you realize what it is that makes you unique, the act of comparing yourself to another woman quickly falls by the wayside. When you truly understand who you are and what you bring to the table, you fall in love with being different. Falling in love with who you are is one of the greatest realizations successful women entrepreneurs experience.


Politics, religion and any kind of controversial subject are always avoided by successful women entrepreneurs. These women understand that controversy always leads to drama, and drama is not something they have time for. Controversial subjects almost always attract relentless and argumentative people who will spend hours, and sometimes days, blowing up your social media account with time-wasting drama. Arguments are the surest way to waste your time, and women who are focused on their goals do not have time to argue with anyone, especially on the web.

The number one objective for online business owners is to educate and help people understand; not to win an argument. Trying to prove that you’re right and someone else is wrong is completely irrelevant in the world of building digital empires, and any other type of business for that matter. People pick and choose what they want to hear and believe anyway, so trying to convince someone otherwise by arguing with them is totally pointless.

Written by: Julie Albanese, Founder of Women Who Stack




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5 Thoughts to “5 Things Successful Women Entrepreneurs AVOID.”

  1. Raine

    Hey girl thanks for the new page!! I love this article, you definitely hit the nail on the head. Every single one of these I experience all the time at my J O B and in life, grown women with nothing better to do then judge others. SMDH. Anyways great job on the first post. I’m looking forward to many more 😍

  2. Excellent first post! Have to agree with avoiding drama and gossip. It always leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I see other bloggers attacking each other. Who has the time!

    1. Right?! Thank you for your feedback!! 😃

  3. First of all, congrats on your post. You have a great article. I totally agree with all of these especially #1. I’ve had my fair share of drama in the blogging world and I just shrug my shoulder and move on!

    Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Thank you Nikki! I appreciate the feedback! It’s always nice to meet fellow boss ladies who can relate!!

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