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The number one obstacle every entrepreneur faces is gaining maximum exposure.

Don’t fret – Women Who Stack is here to help!  I have created a campaign designed to help lady bosses from all different business niches and sectors gain more exposure and traffic to their brick and mortar shops, online stores and social media pages.

Introducing: The WomenWhoStack Lady Boss Campaign

Running a business is tough.  Starting a business from scratch is even tougher!  There is a ton of competition in the world we live in, and the last thing an entrepreneur wants to worry about is getting NOTICED.  It’s hard enough to not receive the praise and “atta girl!” from your 8-5 boss.  It’s even harder when you’re working for yourself and have no idea if you’re making the right business decisions day-to-day since the only person holding you accountable is YOU.   Whether we like to admit or not, people need PRAISE.  We need reassurance that what we are doing is making a positive difference.  Without the occasional pat on the back, our minds start to wonder “why am I even doing this if my hard work is going unnoticed? What’s the point?”

Praise and positive attention in the business world is crucial; it is what motivates and drives most people to reach their highest potential! Most people will answer the infamous question, “What motivates you to work harder?” with the simple answer, “Money.”  But in all reality – it’s the need for purpose and recognition that we are doing is making a difference in the world.

That is why I have created the WomenWhoStack Lady Boss Campaign.  This campaign will feature Lady Bosses from all over the world who have what it takes to inspire other people to follow these lady bosses to their personal success.  It will be a catalyst to help highlight what you and your business have to offer over your competitors.  Also – this campaign will provide assurance for lady bosses that their dedication and hard work is not going unnoticed!

Get Featured – Requirements:

While I would love to feature every woman entrepreneur I know,  I spend a great amount of time researching businesses, interviewing the owners, and writing the dedicated articles that I simply do not have the capacity to feature them all.

Therefore, there are few requirements needed in order to get Featured on Women Who Stack.Blog.

  • Time in business:  You must be actively in business for at least 6 months.
  •  Business Type: You must own a business that you have personally built from the ground up.  This means your business cannot be managed by a parent company (MLM or Affiliate Program), or partnered with another business.  You must be the head honcho.  Having a business partner is acceptable as long as your partner agrees to have your shared business featured on Women Who Stack.Blog.
  • Facebook Business Page:  You must have a Facebook business page or a Facebook group page that I can provide a link to in your dedicated article.
  • Website: You must have an active and working website other than your Facebook business page.
  • Contact Info: You must have active and working contact info for consumers to reach out to you with any questions or concerns about your products or services.
  • Secured Payment Processing:  Your business must utilize a secured payment processing platform like: PayPal, Venmo, Square, Google Pay or Facebook pay. The only exception to this requirement is brick and mortar shops who utilize their own POS systems.
  • Invoices or Receipts: Your business must provide either a detailed invoice or receipt for every transaction, and supply it to your customers immediately after purchase.
  • Transparency: You must provide the up most level of integrity with what you are selling or the service you are providing.  This means allowing your prospects to clearly know what they are buying and how much it costs.  This is to eradicate scammers from stealing customer’s hard-earned money in exchange for fraudulent products and services.

Step 1: How to Get Featured

Getting featured as a Lady Boss on Women Who Stack.Blog is simple!  All you need to do is provide the following information below.  Once the information is received and reviewed, a 10-20 minute phone interview will be scheduled to make sure the information provided is correct, and to gather further details about your business.

  • Featured Requirements:
    • Time in business: please provide your business start date
    • Business Type: please provide as much detail as possible
    • Facebook business page: please provide the link to your Facebook business page.  If you want to provide more social media account links, please do!  The more web links, the better for you.
    • Website: please provide your website link.  If you also own an app, please provide the download link too.
    • Contact:  please only provide the contact information you feel comfortable with sharing on the internet.  It is always a best practice to never provide your home address, home phone number or personal email address.
    • Secured Payment Type: please provide your preferred methods of payment, and your email address used for PayPal, Venmo, etc.
    • Invoices or Receipt: please provide a copy of an invoice or receipt to prove that your business provides a transaction record to your customer.

Step 2: Phone Interview

As a lady boss myself, I know your time is valuable!  So to make this phone interview process time efficient and quick, please read the following questions below thinking about your answers.  This is very important since the answers you provide during your phone interview are likely to be quoted in your featured article!  This is to keep every featured lady boss article genuine and transparent.

  • What made you decide to start your own business?
  • Who is a major influence for your business or brand?
  • Do you have any plans on expanding your business?
  • Are there any books or articles you recommend for aspiring lady bosses?
  • What is a regular day like for you with your business?
  • What are some of the ways that you balance your work and personal life?
  • Do you have any tips or advice for anyone who is considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship?

Step 3: Sit Back & Relax

The hard part is over!  All you need to do after your phone interview is go about your daily life and running your business.   I will work hard on my end to make sure your dedicated article exemplifies you and your business to the fullest extent!  As soon as the article is ready for publishing, I will share a draft with you for your approval.  The only approval needed is to make sure the information you provided for the article is correct.  Once approved, the article goes live!

After the article is live, I will begin sharing your featured article on multiple social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Pinterest.

If you’re interested, please complete the submission form below!


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xoxo – Julie.


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