How To Setup a Home Office On a Tight Budget & in a Small Space.

When I decided to turn my one bedroom apartment dining room into my home office, I knew I was going to have to be extremely strategic on what to buy. My apartment is tiny, and not to mention – this space is the very first area you see when you walk into the apartment since it is literally by the front door.

apollofloorplanMy home office space is located in that tiny red rectangle above.  So I legit have about 130 square feet to create an efficient office work space that I can also keep organized and clean. 

Below is the office space I’ve managed to put together on a tight budget and in a small space.


Almost every essential item pictured here can be bought at a discount through AMAZON. YES – Even the Apple products! 

Below is a list of nearly everything essential in this photo with attached links for each specific product.  ALSO – The majority of these items have been marked down quite a bit since I’ve purchased them!

There is one more item that I consider essential for the “work from home” entrepreneur, and that is Blue Light Blocking Glasses!  Ever since I started seeing the “Lady Boss Glasses” click bait ads all over Facebook, I decided to do some research on them, and also try them out for myself. 

These are the advantages of wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses (from my personal experience):

  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Eye-strain
  • Reduced Headaches
  • Reduced Blurred Vision
  • Did I say better sleep? 

Click on Blue Light Blocking Glass to check out the different colors and styles.  My personal favorite are these: 



And you can find them by clicking HERE ––>Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses for Blocking UV Headache [Anti Eye Eyestrain] Transparent Lens Gaming Glasses, Unisex (Men/Women) (8082T01, Classic Black)

Shop The Men's Collection

Or by clicking on the glasses below.  There are TONS of colors available in this style!

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