Running My Business Without This is Brutal!

If you’ve read any of my articles, you already know that I am a HUGE fan of technology!

I recently published an article called How To Setup a Home Office On a Tight Budget & in a Small Space. (If you haven’t read this article yet, you need to!)  There are a few items I left out of that previous article, and it is only because of how much I’ve been kicking myself for not knowing what I am about to show you.

When I started my roofing company Shingle Masters, LLC I had little to zero know-how on what I really needed to run my new business efficiently and cost effectively.  So, like most new entrepreneurs, I purchased all of my technology necessities impulsively; I did not shop around for the best price on ANYTHING.

It was not until recently that I discovered that I could purchase every single tech product that would help my business run smoothly for nearly 50% less than retail.  I was buying my Apply watch, iPad, and even my iMac desktop computer from Apple directly, Best Buy or from my mobile service.  Yes, I now feel like an idiot for not even shopping online for the best price.  But the good news is – if you’re a business owner, you won’t make the same mistakes I did!

I Never Leave The House Without This

When the Apple watch came out, I didn’t rush to the store and buy one like everyone else did.  I honestly thought they were kind of silly to have.  I mean, I have a clock on my phone.  Why would I need a watch to do the same thing my phone does?

That question was quickly answered when I finally caved a few months ago and bought my Apple watch.  I don’t think I have taken my Apple watch off my wrist since I walked out the store.  I wear my Apple watch religiously.  When I need to be hands free, which is nearly 99% of the time since I’m crawling on roofs all day, the Apple watch definitely comes in handy!  Not mention – it is way safer than pulling out my phone to receive a call when I’m on a roof.  I also love the fact that it continuously records my heart rate, steps and burned calories!  The $500 I paid for my Apple watch did not seem so bad after I realized I could not leave the house for work without putting my watch on.  The price I paid seemed fair, until I searched for the same watch on Amazon.

Check out how much cheaper brand new Apple Watches are on Amazon than buying directly from Apple!

If you’re not an Apple fan, I still have good news for you.  You can find the Samsung smart watches for less on Amazon too. Check it out for yourself!

There is one more Smart Watch that is under-rated popularity wise only because the company does not spend millions of dollars on marketing like Apple and Samsung do.  It is called the TicWatch.  These watches are significantly lower in price compared to the Apple watch and Samsung’s smart watches, but the TicWatch does essentially the same thing.  Also, you can pair the TicWatch with any bluetooth capable phone.  I actually bought a TicWatch for my boyfriend for Christmas last year, and he absolutely loves it!  He does not leave the house without it, and he wears it every day at the gym.  You can find these watches for less on Amazon too.



At the end of the day, a smart watch is a smart watch no matter which brand you go with.  What it really comes down to is the bluetooth pairing capability and the style you love.  You may not think you need a smart watch now, but as soon as you wear one for even a day, you will fall in love.  I cannot leave the house without mine!


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