The Top 3 Ways I Generate Roof Leads Without Spending a Dime!

If you’re a sales representative, project manager, or an owner of a roofing company, you already know how exhausting, tough, and expensive it is to find legitimate roof replacement or roof repair leads.  Whether you and your sales reps are knocking door-to-door, passing out flyers, or utilizing a lead generation service or company, there is a better and FREE way to achieve what you’re trying to accomplish – gaining organic roof leads.

What Most Companies & Sales Reps Are Using Right Now to Generate Leads

Door Knocking: Knocking door-to-door is one common way to generate roof leads, but most sales reps and project managers get burned out QUICK.  Mainly because of the heat, but also because of the walking in general!  Also, most ritzy neighborhoods will have homeowners running you out of there as soon as you get out of your car if you don’t have a soliciting permit.  Not to mention – you have to spend money on marketing materials to even be able to knock door-to-door.  And what about the weather?  If it rains for even 1 week straight, you and your sales reps have lost an entire week of prospecting.

Lead Generation Services: There are a handful of lead generation companies that actually work… sometimes.  But the problem is that most lead generation companies do not fully screen the leads they’re sending to you, therefore wasting your time AND MONEY when you’re trying to gain a new sale.  Not to mention – the cost of each lead adds up quick!

Home Advisor: Another problem with lead generation companies is that companies like Home Advisor give their call-in and online lead prospects prices before they even send the lead to the roofing company!  I was appalled when I learned this information from a Home Advisor sales person who had been calling me for weeks trying to earn my business. 

When I asked the sales rep, “Are you going to at least let me know what you already quoted my potential customer so I know what they’re expecting, and ultimately earn their business?”  

The sales rep replied with, “No, you should already know what the current rates are for roof replacements in your area.  That is not something we would provide to you if you signed up with us.”  

So of course I replied with, “Okay, so how do you know what type or brand of shingle they’re wanting to replace their roof with?  Do you ask them how steep their roof is?  Do you know that 99% of homeowners have no idea what a “roof pitch” is?  Are you actively doing market research with nearby suppliers to stay up-to-date with current pricing and upcoming price increases? Do you ask the prospects if they’re wanting to add any upgraded accessories to their new roof?”  My questions went on and on until I politely asked him to remove my number from his follow-up list when he answered NO to every single question I had asked. 

Sure, Home Advisor is free for the consumer needing their roof replaced who also want the convenience of doing one search in one database, and this service may work for some roofing companies who don’t have the time to knock doors or update their social media profiles.  But when it comes down to the companies who are actually paying for Home Advisor to genuinely WORK for them?  It makes zero sense to use a service who is giving your prospect a price without even looking at their roof.


The Top 3 Ways I Generate Roof Leads for FREE!

 When I started my roofing company,, back in May of 2018, and single-handedly generated over $300,000 in revenue by the end of December of 2018 without paying for a single lead or knocking on one door, (keep in mind that my company sold the first roof replacement in July of 2018, so this was in a 6 month period), I started getting the famous question from roofers, roofing company owners, and roofing sales reps  – how are you getting your leads?

The answer to this question is listed below.

  • WORD OF MOUTH.  This is the most under-used method of marketing that roofing company sales reps utilize – opening your mouth!  To some, this may seem like a “DUH, of course that works!” tip, but you’d be surprised on the amount of people I run into who get into a 30 minute conversation with me before ever talking about what they do for a living.  Maybe they don’t love what they do, so they don’t bring it up?  Maybe they figure their market is over-saturated with roofers, so what’s the point? In all reality – YES, every busy town or city that endures crazy weather is over saturated with roofing companies.  But…. THAT IS THE POINT OF USING WORD OF MOUTH.  If you want to standout among the rest, talk your company up!  Whether you’re a roofing company owner or work for a roofing company, make sure you bring it up in every conversation you have with every person you meet.  If you have business cards, keep them on you at all times.  Hand them to everyone you meet!  Also, go to events!  I’m not talking about roofing networking events full of other roofing contractors and sales reps.  I’m talking about literally any other networking event you can get to.  You don’t have to be a bachelor to attend a singles networking event.  Bring your partner!  The point is to mingle with as many people in your area as possible.  Get KNOWN! And more importantly – get known as THE BEST LOCAL ROOFER.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA.  It is crazy to me how many roofing companies or roofing sales reps do not utilize their personal social media accounts to find leads! Here are just few reasons why you need to start using your social media accounts to gain leads.
    • Facebook: There are 1.74 billion mobile active users (Mobile Facebook MAU) on Facebook. While it is nice to have, you do not need to have a business page on Facebook to gain leads.  Chances are you will be spending more time asking friends to “like” your page than actually utilizing your time to reach people with your posts.  Use your personal Facebook account instead!  Even if you only have 100 friends on your personal facebook account, your public posts have the potential to reach THOUSANDS of people.  And the best way to have your public posts seen on Facebook is with the famous Hashtag.  Start posting every project you’re currently working on or have completed in the past, add some relative and popular hashtags, and make sure your posts are public!
    • Instagram: There are 500 million daily active users on Instagram.  Since this social media platform was initially designed to simply share photos with your followers, this platform is perfect for roofing companies and sales reps to showcase their work!  Also, you can link your Instagram account to your Facebook account which allows you to simultaneously post your photos on both platforms.  Talk about a time-saver!  Again, like with Facebook, make sure your account is public and utilize those hashtags! 
    • LinkedIn:  LinkedIn is a very under-rated social media platform for people who want to expand their marketing platforms, because most people view or utilize this social media platform to find work or follow Forbes.  Contrary popular belief, the Total Number of Monthly Active LinkedIn Users is 260 million.  This social media platform ranks 3rd for me only because their active user rate is rated monthly instead of daily like Facebook and Instagram.  Still, the LinkedIn network is huge!  In fact – I gained my very first metal roof project from a post I made on my personal LinkedIn account!  Talk about AMAZING!  LinkedIn users are looking for products and services to purchase just like Facebook and Instagram users are doing every day (whether the users know it or not).  LinkedIn also allows the use of Hashtags and a public profile! 
  • GOOGLE MY BUSINESS.  Another tool I utilize on the regular is Google My Business.  It is 100% FREE, and incredibly easy to set up. Take a look at my screen share video below to see how my Google Business Listing compares to other companies, and how easy it is to setup.

Setting up your Google Business page is easy and FREE!  Click HERE to get started!

IN CONCLUSION:  You need to put in a little work to make any of these tips work for you.  You need to keep up with it!  If you have an office manager, have them keep your social media accounts updated DAILY!

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The good thing is you’re only investing a little time instead of investing a ton of money.  Also, if you think I’m crazy for sharing these tips with my competition, know this – we live in a very abundant world, and there is more than enough roofing projects to go around!

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