Top 3 Fitness Essentials You Don’t Have to Drink or Swallow.

SEASUM Texture Leggings on Amazon

With so many different supplements and powders in the fitness industry, most people overlook some basic essentials that ad a HUGE advantage to their fitness or workout regimen! This article discusses my top 3 favorite products that enhance my workouts without having to mix a drink or take a pill.

High Waisted Leggings

High-waisted workout leggings have been trending for some time now. Every fitness addict is buying them, wearing them, or wishing they could afford to buy them or even find the perfect ones. Why? Well, they look great on just about anyone.

The high-waisted leggings cover up stubborn belly fat, or what most women call – “the pooch.” While I would never advocate just “covering up” your problem areas, these high-waisted leggings also help people learn how to pull in their belly button close to their spine during their workouts. Pulling in or contracting your abdominals during the entirety of your workouts is the most efficient ab workout that exists.

My personal favorite high-waisted leggings are made by Nike, Under Armour, and a company that is only found on Amazon SEASUM. Out of all 3 brands, these gems I found on Amazon are my all time FAVORITE. They’re comfortable, opaque, super cute, and most importantly – affordable. The price range for these leggings is between $6.00 – $15.99.

The photos below are just a few examples of what SEASUM has to offer.  To view their entire leggings collection, click HERE.

Shop The Men's Collection


Sweet Sweat

Another exercise must-have for me is the under-rated Sweet Sweat. YES – this stuff does exactly what is says it does. While there is no such thing as “spot reduction” on the body, this holy-grail fitness cream will make you sweat in areas you never thought possible. I bought this for under $30.00 almost two years ago, and I haven’t even got close to the bottom of the jar. You can find this magical product on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Sauna Waist Trimmer

Sweet Sweat + The Sauna Waist Trimmer is the ultimate workout duo. Regardless of what anyone says about Neoprene Corsets, they 100% make you sweat. That is their sole purpose… especially when paired with sweet sweat. Every-time I take my waist trimmer off after just 8 minutes of HIIT cardio, a huge puddle of sweat hits the gym floor. Gross – I know. Just being honest. You can find the one I personally use by clicking HERE.

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