Why Haters Are Essential For Successful Entrepreneurs.

Why Haters Are Essential For Successful Entrepreneurs

In the world of “hustling,” there are predominately two types of haters you will encounter.  Let me break it down for you:

1.) Family/Friends
2.) Fans/Acquaintances

Now let me explain how their minds work.

We live in a society where people are quick to congratulate you on getting a new job, but start your own business or work as an independent employee and friends you’ve gown up with since elementary school, and even family members, literally go out of their way to ridicule you, criticize you, give you back-handed compliments, or leave passive aggressive comments on your social media feeds.  Or even worse – try to publicly shame you in front of everyone they know.  It can be so very debilitating for people who are freshly stepping into the world of “being your own boss.”

When you venture out on your own the first people you expect to support you, like close friends and family, are actually the first people to turn their back on you or try to convince you that you’re losing your mind.  I’m not kidding when I say people will straight up think you are crazy.  Be prepared for questions similar to, “Are you sure you’ve thought this through? What if you’re not successful? What if you don’t make any money?” etc…. The truth is – the people closest to you are genuinely concerned for you because venturing out on your own isn’t “normal” to the modern day workforce.  Having to take full responsibility for how much money you make is crazy to most people, and your family and friends only want what is “best for you” in their opinion.  But an opinion is just that – an opinion.

There’s a second breed of people who are literally watching your every move from a distance while just hoping and praying for you to fail.  These kinds of people are known as Fans.  Their mean and unsupportive comments are 100% genuine in the sense that they are not the least bit concerned about your well-being.  These people really think you’re stupid for taking such a “risky” path, and are ultimately just waiting for you to screw up.  It’s a sad but true fact.  They may even pop up every now then to “see” how you’re doing if they get a sense that you’re struggling or not at the top of your game (which is also know as a “slump,” and something everyone who ventures out their own deals with).  These haters’ timing is just incredible.  You can literally smell their inauthenticity from a mile away, and they make zero attempt at creating a facade.  There is literally no shame in their game.

The good news is – haters are very much essential in the world of entrepreneurship for multiple reasons, and I’ve narrowed these reasons down to the top 3.



We’ve all heard the expression “If you have haters, you’re doing something right!”  This statement could not be more true.  When people are literally hating on you for stepping outside of the realm of the 40 hour work week, it’s because they cannot even fathom the idea of being their own boss, or better yet – being successful at writing their own paychecks.  Hate stems from jealousy, and that’s what these people posses.  This alone provides entrepreneurs with the validation that they’re on the right path.


There is something so motivating about haters trying to destroy your business with negative comments about you to other people and even on your social media feeds.  As long as you’re strong-willed, like most entrepreneurs are, it is like second nature to use the fuel/negativity from haters to ignite and even magnify your fire.  Instead of letting these people bring you down, understand why they’re behaving the we that they are. Once you figure this out, you’ll use these haters as your motivation to become unstoppable.


We live in a world of comparison camouflaged as competition.  The truth is though – there is zero competition with the people who are trying to hate on your hustle, and it is very evident to everyone, including consumers, when these people even try.  And this is where contrast comes into play.  For the consumer, contrast is good.  Contrast is what helps the consumer separate the good from the bad.  If someone is wasting their energy on trying to make you look bad, the consumer will naturally gravitate towards the person who is only focused on their own success.  People may enjoy drama to a certain extent, but when it comes to supply and demand, customers want easy; they don’t want to deal with the bullshit that resides in a hater’s world.


When you are confident, sincere, focused, and know exactly what you bring to the table, the entire stigma of “having haters” instantly turns into a positive attribute to your hustle.  You quickly form the understanding that these hater’s existence in your life are actually essential to your success.  Don’t try to fight them off.  Don’t try to argue with them.  Don’t try to confront them.  Let them exist exactly the way that they are, and remain focused on building your empire.  Let the haters waste their time on frivolous bullshit.  They have time for it.  You don’t.  It’s as simple as that.

By: Julie Albanese




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3 Thoughts to “Why Haters Are Essential For Successful Entrepreneurs.”

  1. Raine

    Ok I love this one even more than the first!!! Lol Let the haters be your fuel to keep that fire in your belly burning strong! Instead of giving up because they expect you to fail…. tell them “watch me!!!”

  2. Christian Stewart

    i love every word u say it 100% true i need a copy of that to keep me going lol thanks

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