Your iPhone is Tracking Your Every Move. Video Tutorial – See For Yourself.

Your iPhone is Tracking Your Every Move

There is a feature on the iPhone that is turned “on” by default, and most users are completely unaware of it.  This feature is called Significant Locations.  When this feature is turned on, your iPhone is literally tracking every single move you make!

If you want proof that your iPhone is tracking your every move, to go Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations.   This is where you will see where you have been, as well as how long you were there.  In some cases, you will be able to view how long it took you to get there too.

iPhone Significant Locations

For most people, this fact is a little creepy.  Especially considering if anyone were to hack into your cellular device, they could almost pinpoint every single place you have been. Maybe this is why Jussie Smollett did not want to handover his mobile device to authorities after his fake attack? (too soon?)

The good thing is that you can clear your recent locations by tapping “Clear History.”  Also, to view exactly where you have been, your phone will need to be unlocked via password or Face ID.

In order to completely turn this feature off, you will have to turn off “Significant Locations.”

As a sales representative, I actually find this feature somewhat convenient.  I am able to jog my memory of where I’ve had recent sales meetings and where I have prospected.

I took the liberty of recording my phone screen to show my readers how to access this feature in their iPhone.




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